“grabbing” in one year old

zhua zhou

When a baby is one year old, according to a tradition performed in many parts of China, there are a few objects laid out in front of baby for his or her “grabbing” . This manner  is called“抓周, zhuā zhōu”in Chinese. Usually  the sujects related to the trend of profession of the epoch.  For example, pen, ink, paper, ink, abacus, coins, books were prepared for boy; scissors, ruler,  needle, thread for girl in ancient China. Nowadays, the parents would like to lay out more subjects, such as football,  lipstick; probably they would be stars in their future. Qian Zhongshu (November 21, 1910-December 19, 1998) was a well-known literary scholar and writer in China, He grabbed a book. His family then renamed his Zhongshu, literally “being fond of books”,  His name predicted his future life.