Some adorable responses

Third graders are asked if they want a sibling in Chinese exam paper and give adorable responses


Students at a primary school in Guangzhou were asked as part of a Chinese exam to advise their parents on whether or not to have a second child, with some of the more adorable answers finding their way online.

With the end of the one-child policy, many Chinese couples are debating if they should give birth to a second child. 134 third graders were given the chance to weigh in on the matter.

he question posed to the students reads as follows:

What would you say to your parents if they plan on giving you a little brother or sister and they want to hear your opinion? Please write down your ideas on the given lines below. Try your best to express your opinion clearly and give specific reasons.


Mom, dad, I agree with you to have a little brother or sister, however you’ll be very tired and you’ll spend a lot more money. Although I’m the bigger one and I can look after my little sister, she’s a new life after all, if your work keeps you occupied, you can let grandma take care of her. But what if grandma doesn’t want to? Papa and mama, you need to be responsible for a new life. So I think you’d better not make a second child. What do you think?


I’d say this to my father and mother: If I have a little brother or sister, I will have someone to play with, but you need to consider the following points:
1. If you have a little brother or sister, if you have different ideas you could have arguments
2. The older brother or sister might think you show preference for the new child
3. The older brother or sister might get annoyed by the new child’s behavior


I think you should have a little brother:
1. Men can be the bread winner for the family
2. Men can serve the country
3. Men are more capable of enduring hardship than women
4. Men don’t spend money but instead earn money
5. Men are physically stronger than women and don’t easily fall ill


I’d say this to my parents: Papa and mama, I don’t want a sibling. If you make him, he’ll keep yelling, shit everywhere. Then our house will turn to be a mess. So, I don’t need a sibling.

According to Sina, 95 students would encourage their parents to have another child, while 35 students stated that they didn’t want a brother or sister. We can only speculate as to what the remaining four students wanted.

By Lucy Liu  [Images via Sina News] Source: shanghaiist